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Data, Images and Signat department (IDS) members open-source projects

  • scikit-learn 2018-09-12

    Machine Learning in python

    BSD License, Contributors: Alexandre Gramfort, Tom Dupré La Tour…

  • BCD 2018-06-10

    Bayesian Collaborative Denoising for Monte Carlo Rendering

    BSD-like license, Malik Boughida and Tamy Boubekeur

  • dialign 2018-05-07

    dialign is a software that provides automatic and generic measures of verbal alignment in dyadic dialogue based on sequential pattern mining at the level of surface of text utterances.

    CECILL-B, Chloé Clavel et al.

  • UniQuant 2018-02-20

    Fast Lossy Compression of 3D Unit Vector Sets

    MIT License, Sylvain Rousseau and Tamy Boubekeur

  • DHS 2017-08-03

    Double Hierarchies for Directional Importance Sampling in Monte Carlo Rendering

    GPLv3, Norbert Bus and Tamy Boubekeur

  • GPAC 2017-04-29

    Open Source multimedia framework

    LGPL 2.1, Jean Le Feuvre et al.

  • SQEM 2016-07-18

    Sphere-Meshes: Shape Approximation using Spherical Quadric Error Metrics

    LGPL 3.0, Jean-Marc Thiery, Emilie Guy and Tamy Boubekeur

  • SimSelect 2014-04-24

    Similarity-based selection for 3D surfaces

    LGPL 3.0, Emilie Guy, Jean-Marc Thiery and Tamy Boubekeur