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Computer Science and Networks department (INFRES) members open-source projects

  • scikit-network 2018-10-29

    Graph algorithms

    BSD License, Thomas Bonald et al.

  • scikit-multiflow 2018-10-29

    scikit-multiflow is an open source framework for multi-output/multi-label and stream data mining.

    BSD License, Albert Bifet et al.

  • OPC-ROSA 2018-06-29

    middleware OPC-UA

    GPLv3, Patrick Bellot et al.

  • MOA 2018-06-01

    Open source framework for data stream mining

    GPL3.0, Albert Bifet et al.

  • Inkscape 2018-03-22

    Vector graphics editor

    GPL 2.0+, Contributor: Marc Jeanmougin et al.

  • ccnSim 2017-11-30

    A highly scalable simulator of Information Centric Networks

    GPLv3, Dario Rossi et al.

  • pathfinding 2016-10-16

    Path finding library (A*, Dijktra, BFS, DFS) for the Rust programming language

    Apache 2.0 / MIT, Samuel Tardieu

  • SAMOA 2016-09-22

    Distributed streaming machine learning framework

    Apache 2.0, Albert Bifet et al.

  • AdaSockets 2016-09-21

    BSD sockets library for Ada

    GMGPL, Samuel Tardieu

  • Evolife 2016-07-12

    Study evolutionary phenomena such as generic algorithms, and natural evolution and behavioural ecology

    CC-BY-SA-NC, Jean-Louis Dessalles et al.

  • Combinatorial Creativity tool 2016-07-01

    Combinatorial creativity combines existing concepts in a novel way in order to produce new concepts. Combinatorial creativity can be used to develop new business ideas, to find plots for books or movies, or simply to disrupt conventional thinking.

    CC-BY-SA-3.0, Fabian M. Suchanek et al.

  • StreamDM 2016-01-18

    Open source software for mining big data streams using Spark Streaming

    Apache 2.0, Albert Bifet et al.

  • YAGO 2015-10-16

    YAGO (Yet Another Great Ontology) is an open source knowledge base

    CC-BY-3.0, Fabian M. Suchanek et al.

  • PicForth 2015-10-16

    Forth compiler for Microchip PIC 16Fxxx

    GPL 3.0, Samuel Tardieu

  • RAMSES 2015-09-24

    RAMSES (Refinement of AADL Models for Synthesis of Embedded Systems) is a model transformation and code generation tool that produces C code for ARINC653-compliant operating systems and OSEK-compliant operating systems.

    Eclipse Public License, Étienne Borde et al.

  • Cube 2014-02-17

    Framework for the self-growing and self-management of large-scale, distributed applications, running on dynamic and heterogeneous environments

    Apache 2.0, Ada Diaconescu et al.

  • Partitioned Open Kernel 2014-02-15

    Real-time embedded operating system for safety-critical systems

    BSD License, Julien Delange et al.

  • rforth1 2012-10-16

    Forth compiler for Microchip PIC 18Fxxx

    GPL 3.0, Samuel Tardieu

  • OpenLISP 2011-10-19

    Open source implementation of the LISP Protocol running in the kernel of the FreeBSD Operating System

    BSD license, Luigi Iannone et al.

  • areadline 2011-10-16

    Readline library for Ada

    GPL 3.0, Samuel Tardieu

  • aforth 2011-10-16

    Embeddable Forth interpreter written in Ada

    GPL 3.0, Samuel Tardieu

  • Vreng 1997-01-01
    Virtual Reality Engine – Interactive 3D Navigator over the Internet
    GPL 2.0, Philippe Dax et al.